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UX Researcher
Mountain View, California
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Title: UX Researcher
Anticipated Duration: 12 Month Contract
Location: Mountain View, CA

UX Researcher Responsibilities: Conduct user research (interviews, observation, surveys) with partner device dogfood participants to gather data about device usage, satisfaction, performance, and quality.

UX Researcher Required Education, Experience and Skills:

  • Solid background in product research, structured interviews, and survey methods.
  • Demonstrated experience in interviewing, observation, and surveys to to gather data about device (phone and tablet) usage.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong collaborator, and experience working closely with engineering and business partners.
  • Reliable, responsible, and effective in remote work.
  • UX Research (qualitative), Ethnography, Interviewing, Survey writing, Survey construction, Data analysis
  • 4+ years UX research experience, Masters degree or higher

UX Researcher Preferred Experience and Skills:

  • Presentation to stakeholders and leadership
  • Collaboration with business partners
  • Qualtrics as the survey writing and administration tool

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