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Registered Nurse – Pediatric Intensive Care RN Travel job in San Antonio, TX


Gifted Healthcare

Registered Nurse – Pediatric Intensive Care RN Travel job in San Antonio, TX
San Antonio, TX
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The GIFTED Healthcare Experience 

GIFTED Healthcare is an award-winning travel nursing agency that offers nursing contracts at premier healthcare facilities across the United States. GIFTED Healthcare believes in the power one person has to make a difference in a patient’s care, inspiring GIFTED’s mission to help nurses thrive and advance their careers by providing exceptional job opportunities, day one benefits, and 24/7 support.

Join GIFTED and enjoy memorable experiences at and away from the bedside while advancing your career on your terms!


Pediatric Intensive Care RNs provide age-appropriate care to pediatric patients and consult with health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans. The RN assists the physician during examination, treatment and procedures, which can include life-saving situations. Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitor patient’s vital signs, such as blood pressure, breathing and heart rate 
  • Follow continuous cardiac and respiratory monitor readings, such as EKG tracings, O2 stats, CVP/arterial line waveforms
  • Track urine output, change dressings, insert catheters, start IVs 
  • Administer infusion therapy, including IV fluids, antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals, electrolytes
  • Assist with the insertion or discontinuation of CV catheters, arterial lines, external ventricular drains, epidural catheters and endotracheal tubes, Foleys

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