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Staffing Consultant – Agency Recruiter


Beacon Hill Staffing Group

Staffing Consultant – Agency Recruiter
Austin, Texas
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Job Id: SC-AUS-KDW_1673369557
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As a Staffing Consultant, you will find, interview, and qualify job seekers for temporary/contract roles with companies and organizations in your local market. This is a full-cycle recruiting role. From sourcing to placement, you will run the entire recruiting process. You will spend your time engaging in conversations with job seekers, whether it be over the phone, via email, or in-person. You will build strong relationships with job seekers by coaching them throughout every step of the job search process – from resume editing tips & tricks, to interview pointers, all the way through post-interview breakdown and accepting a new position. In the time not spent finding the next great candidate for the job, you will be meeting with your team to discuss open positions, posting advertisements for open jobs, and learning to utilize online sourcing tools and resources.

To be a successful Staffing Consultant, you must be resourceful, have strong personal initiative, and be a fantastic judge of character. It will be up to your individual discretion to determine the right job fit based on the job seekers capabilities and business character. Beacon Hill will rely on you not just to find good candidates, but to select them from among the many individuals who will be vying to become Beacon Hill candidates, and then to match them with the right companies, jobs, and work environments. You will not just be reading resumes. You must look beyond that and read people.

This is a relationship focused sales position; the harder you work, the more results you will see. Every day you’ll come in ready to hold yourself accountable to your goals and build your book of business.


  1. Identify prospective candidates – via job board search tools, LinkedIn, internet searches, referrals, professional networking
  2. Post jobs on job boards
  3. Interview prospective candidates
  4. Prep candidates for interviews with client companies – review resumes, discuss client needs, conduct mock interviews
  5. Contact candidates post-interview – recap interview, provide next steps
  6. Deliver the good news! – extend job offers and manage the offer process for candidates
  7. Reach out to candidates who are on assignment – make sure they have everything they need!


  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills. The core of your day is going to be spent communicating – as such, the better you can demonstrate your ability to listen, understand, explain your position, and work with other people (from those you spend time with internally on your team, to those you’ve just met), the better.
  • A love for working with people. See above!
  • A tenacious degree of self-motivation. Our job is all about making 100 calls, but then deciding that you’re going to make that 101st call. You can wow us by demonstrating where you’ve gone that extra mile!
  • Leadership skills and a significant dose of competitive drive. If you have a fire that’s fueled you to compete in sports, in academia, or in any other goal-oriented arena, this may be a good job for you!
  • Confidently exercise discretion and independent judgment about businesses and people and what Beacon Hill can-and cannot-do successfully to meet the needs of those businesses.
  • An incessant drive to meet goals and metrics. You have a get-up-and-go attitude and an enduring will to achieve your objectives which sets you apart from the crowd.


  • Base salary combined with uncapped commission potential. Limitless earning potential is one of our foundational beliefs.
  • Hands-on, individualized training programs. We won’t just tell you how to do the job – we’ll show you first-hand through experiential learning alongside your team members, starting from day one.
  • Reporting to a senior member of your team, you will receive coaching and guidance through all the steps of your professional development. Furthermore, our nationwide mentoring program connects you to our entire Beacon Hill support network, from Boston to Seattle and everywhere in-between.
  • The rewarding experience of taking your talent and personal initiative and applying it with confidence to the many decisions you’ll have to make throughout each day. You will get the support you need from Beacon Hill, all the while knowing that Beacon Hill is relying on you and your judgment, and then reaping the personal rewards of doing all that successfully.
  • Upward mobility. We don’t just believe in hiring the right talent. We believe in allowing them to excel. Our Staffing Consultants average merit-based promotion to a senior position between 9-12 months.
  • A “work-hard, play-hard” culture. From mini-contests with your team to company-wide accolades and incentives like shopping sprees and trips to Palm Beach, Florida, you will be recognized for your accomplishments, no matter how big or small. While we think that our work environment is top-notch, don’t just take our word for it – we’ve consistently ranked as one of the “Best Staffing Firms to Work For” by Staffing Industry Analysts.

Please note that Beacon Hill has undertaken significant initiatives to continually adapt our policies and practices to provide a safe working environment for our employees, clients, and candidates as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are continually monitoring Covid-19 compliance with each local jurisdiction in which our teams operate. At this time, all Beacon Hill locations are following health safety protocols set by their local jurisdiction.

Additionally, Beacon Hill is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our mission is to build and sustain a system of resources, procedures, policies and plans that support diversity, equity and inclusion for all. Beacon Hill prioritizes the cultivation of a working environment in which all members of the community are heard, supported and included at all levels of our business.


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